Nashville is supposedly full of country women who aren't afraid to dirty their boots when the going gets tough, but when it really comes down to it, how many of them would be able to saddle their own pony? The answer is likely to be few and far between, but one such Western woman is none other than Ms. Stephanie Layne. A veteran of the Nashville country western scene for over 12 years now, Stephanie Layne originally hails from Minnesota.

Born out of good stock and mettle, Layne grew up the right way while working on her family's ranch and feed store all the while slowly but surely developing her consummate country western style. Layne rarely ever spent an idle moment in which she wasn't plucking along to the likes of Reba and Chris LeDoux. As Layne mastered the country western craft on her family's ranch, she recognized her calling and looked to take country music head on by moving to Nashville in 2004.

Upon her arrival in Nashville, Layne wasted no time extending her roots throughout the country music scene by fronting the house band at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge on the vaunted Broadway strip. Despite the vast distance between Nashville and Minnesota, Layne's songwriting never suffered anything that resemble identity crisis. Instead, Layne's writing prowess shined through her debut album– recorded at Nashville's Blackbird Studios - that maintained never being too proud to appreciate God's sense of humor, and always finding purpose in His ability to make something out of nothing.

Stephanie has remained steadfast and resolute in her pursuit of a lifetime spent playing country and western music, leveraging her early introduction to the Nashville live circuit into not only her time spent commanding various stages, but participating in writers' rounds at the world renowned Blue Bird Café, as well performing at the famous Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. Furthermore, Stephanie has taken her country western sound on the road all across the United States, leaving her mark on many a stage, such as Denver's Grizzly Rose, performing at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo Finals, and Cheyenne Frontier Days; a true western woman through and through. No stranger to the limelight, Stephanie has also had the pleasure of featuring in esteemed publications such as Nashville Music Guide, Country Entertainment USA, UK Maverick Music Magazine, and Peavey Monitor Magazine as well as performing on broadcast programs like Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, Better Nashville, The Music Row Show, and UK's Country Corner.

Following her long run of live performances and tour stops in support of her debut record, Stephanie is poised to release her much anticipated full length follow-up, Eclectic, a collection of songs that are purposeful and resolved in Stephanie Layne's unique story telling aesthetic and perspective. Stephanie wastes no time in producing a wholly honest and forthcoming record, as the song “Alone in My Bed” narrates Stephanie's relationship with God and yearning for family one day. Layne continues to present her unwavering spirit with songs like “One Nation Over God” that analyzes recent political and societal tensions with tact and precision unknown to less capable songwriters. “One Nation Over God's” incredible social accuracy has resonated so much that a North Carolina Congressional candidate has adopted the song as an official campaign call to arms. The rest of Eclectic embodies the bright spirituality and vitality brought about by Stephanie's exceptional writing and lovely vocal timbre, while imbuing feelings of hope, faith, love and redemption, all the while maintaining her steadfast faith in God.

Stephanie Layne's career and work have combined and culminated to this point with Eclectic, the unique and singular convergence point of Stephanie's Christian faith, western, and country sensibilities that fulfills and earns the worth of its distinct name. When she isn't writing songs, recording, or performing songs from Eclectic, Stephanie offers up her voice to God in worship, participating as a member of the Women Music Business Association in Nashville, and cultivating her love for thrifting by running her own eBay store of her thrifted finds, “Western Garb.”


"Stephanie Layne is a singer-songwriter with lots of passion and power.  “What If I Do,” a beautiful song with gentle vocals and honest country edge, has hit potential stamped all over it." - Maverick-UK Leading Independent Country Music Magazine

"Very few artists have the ability to transform so much energy into an album as this.  Absolutely brilliant in all areas, a voice that is mesmerizing, excellent instrumentation. Job well done and I look forward to hearing this soulful voice on the airwaves." - Nashville Music Guide, February 2013

"Stephanie Layne is defi nitely an artist to watch." - Country Entertainment USA, December 2012

“Sometimes a new artist's CD will cross my desk where I'm liking what I hear, but it also leaves me wanting something more.  Such is the case with Stephanie Layne's new self-titled album. When I put it into the player and the first track, ‘Can't Quit You' started, I was floored by the sultry, sexy quality of Stephanie's voice.  Her throaty, bluesy vocals set the tone for the entire project.   She has the voice and musical abilities, as well as the looks, that can carry her a long way in the industry.”
-Dan Harr, Music News Nashville, Nashville, TN

“Stephanie Layne is one of Music City's best hidden talents.”
-Alyssa Carlson, Production Manager, Country Weekly Magazine, Nashville, TN

“Stephanie Layne has a voice that transports you somewhere with big blue skies, open ranges and mountains that reach the heavens. Her live shows are raucous and intimate at the same time…she has a way of making everyone in the audience feel like her best friend, whether it's a large arena or a small coffee house, she's not to be missed.”
-Scott Southworth, co-host The Music Row Show, Nashville, TN

“You can find a modern western woman with a flavor of the traditional in both Stephanie Layne's sound and her look. She has an uncanny ability to bring both the strength and the softness of woman to her songwriting which appeals to a variety of listeners.”
-Lori Bumgarner, paNash Style Image Consultant/Owner, Nashville, TN

"Tennessee became even more pleasant when I discovered live music in the Nashville airport. Singer-songwriter Stephanie Layne, an up and coming country artist, airport performance was great. I strategically waited nearby for the security line to shrink while I enjoyed her music."
- Dan Reuttimann, Dan Reuttimann Photography (Oct 19, 2007)

"Northfield, MN native Stephanie Layne did a great job capturing the joys and sorrows of Nashville in her song "Heart Wide Open". I also enjoyed her songs about cowboys and falling in love at the county fair. Stephanie fronted a band for a couple of years at Tootsie's. "
- Wendy V, Wendy V's Nashville Blend on Stephanie's Bluebird Cafe Showcase (Dec 19, 2007)

"Stephanie Layne, a regular performer at the famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville-where legends such as Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson got started-is playing Briarwood acoustic guitars."
- Peavey Artist Press, Peavey Monitor Magazine (Jan 01, 2007)

Media Reach

Stephanie has been featured on the following television/radio shows:

Nashville Today-WSM 650 Home of the Grand Ole Opry
The Music Row Show-WSM 650
The Midnight Jamboree-WSM 650
Better Nashville-Nashville Local Television
Best Of America By Horseback-RFD-TV
Better Horses Radio Show
Equestrian Legacy Radio
UK Country Corner
Mid America Ag Network-Rusty Radio Show
Del Shields Western World
Nashville Free Radio

Stephanie has been featured on the following publications:

Nashville Music Guide
Country Entertainment USA
UK Maverick Music Magazine
Western Mail German Magazine
Peavey Monitor Magazine
Better Horses Magazine
Horse and Agriculture Magazine
This Week Newspaper

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