Autographed To:

Cowgirl Tough
Stephanie Layne/Todd Abke
Glory Layne Music (BMI) / Todd Abke (ASCAP)

Alone In My Bed
Stephanie Layne/Debbie Hall/Monte King/Jason Wyatt
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Word Whiz (ASCAP)/Mojoking Music (BMI)/Kuhn Dawg Music (ASCAP)

One Nation Over God
Stephanie Layne/Debbie Hall/Monte King/Jason Wyatt
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Word Whiz (ASCAP)/Mojoking Music (BMI)/Kuhn Dawg Music (ASCAP)

Curl Up And Dye
Stephanie Layne/Debbie Hall/Monte King
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Word Whiz (ASCAP)/Mojoking Music (BMI)

Miracles Everyday
Stephanie Layne/Shantell Ogden
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Hip Farm Chic Publishing (ASCAP)

Where Broken Brings You
Stephanie Layne/Olivia West/Lisa Giaramita
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Luminous Blues Publishing (SESAC)/Tigerite Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Pour Me An Island
Stephanie Layne/Debbie Hall/Monte King
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Word Whiz (ASCAP)/Mojoking Music (BMI)

Stephanie Layne/Ava Rives
Glory Layne Music (BMI)/Chandy Music Publishing (BMI)


Thank you, my precious Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. You know the deepest parts of my soul and You still love me and use me for your glory. You are my peace, my hope, and my joy. To my loving and supportive family: Mom, Dad, Deb, Jason, Becky, Shon, Sophie, and Levi. I love you wholeheartedly for your endless encouragement, support, and prayer. To my co-writers, for the many years of great friendship and collaboration. Carter Green for understanding my vision and taking the reins to produce and play every instrument so beautifully. Rusty Rierson for your friendship, encouragement, harmonies and assistance in the studio. Dustin Soper for the artistic creative person and friend that you are. Thank you for your encouragement, your ambition, and an impressive product! TO TIM HIBER AND PAIGE RUNNELLS FOR THE GREAT work IN FRONT OF AND BEHIND THE CAMERA. SPECIAL THANKS To Alan Stoker and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, for adding my music to the museum’s archive collection and providing a place to sell it. SPECIAL THANKS TO Bray Saddlery, Sunset Ranch Designs, Pray About It Ministries, Martin and Co., Peavey, GHS Strings, and Daisy Rock Guitars. To my friends, family, and fans all over the country, thank you for your unending support, I feel it!

I dedicate this album to my family. Turn up the music, sing and dance Sophie and Levi, and let those toes tap Dad!

Produced By Carter Green
Associate Producer: Stephanie Layne

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By: Carter Green at Green Jeans Studios (Wellington, KS)
Studio Assistant: Rusty Rierson

Drums/Percussion/Bass/Acoustic, Lead, Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin/B3 Organ/Strings/Harmonica: Carter Green

Background Vocals: Rusty Rierson and Carter Green

Creative Direction and Design: Dustin Soper for SOGD.com
Photography: Tim Hiber (mindub@gmail.com)
Additional Photography: Dustin Soper
Hair/Makeup: PAIGE RUNNELLS - Jessica Oram Salon

Styling/Clothing/Accessories: Western Garb - stores.ebay.com/WesternGarb and Sunset Ranch Designs

For Booking and Information visit stephanielayne.com


Autographed To:

Can’t Quit You
Stephanie Layne/Scott Southworth
Glory Lane Music (BMI) / I Like Pie Music (ASCAP)

What If I Do
Stephanie Layne/Scott Southworth
Glory Lane Music (BMI) / I Like Pie Music (ASCAP)

Ain’t No Neighbors
Stephanie Layne/Debbie Hall/Monte King
Glory Lane Music (BMI) / Debbie Hall / Monte King

Hunker Down
Stephanie Layne/Craig Winquist/Nick Hoffman
Glory Lane Music (BMI) / I Can Do This Music (ASCAP) / Tailing Loop Music (ASCAP) (administered by Songs of MPR)

Run, Run, Run
Porter Howell/Kortney Kayle/Hunter Davis
After The Fire/There’s One Music (ASCAP) administered by Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing (ASCAP) / After The Fire/Humidity Music (ASCAP) (administered by SONY/ATV Cross Keys Publishing) (ASCAP) / Publishers Unknown

Finding Me
Stephanie Layne/Todd Abke
Glory Lane Music (BMI) / Todd Abke (ASCAP)

Someone Like Me
Mason Griggs (BMI)


Thanks to God for the gift of music, talented people to work with, and for my wonderful family who loves me like you do, unconditionally. To my family, thank you for being an example of the grace of God. You've been there from the beginning and I love you. Thank you to my friends for your friendship and support. Nick Hoffman, this music could not be what it is without your talent, encouragement, musicality, and genuine heart. Thank you for producing this amazing album. To all the singers and musicians, thank you for your time and talent. Thanks to Ben Strano for engineering and mixing this project. To my co-writer friends, thank you for your inspiration and teamwork. Thanks to my friend, Dustin Soper of State of Grace Designs for your encouragement and dedication. A special thank you to Bray Saddlery, Sunset Ranch Designs, GHS Strings, Peavey, Martin & Co., and Daisy Rock Guitars for your endorsements. To the fans, this music is for you - thank you for purchasing my album. Thank you country radio for sharing my music with the world. To everyone involved in making this project a reality, I'm truly thankful and blessed.

Produced By: Nick Hoffman for Tailing Loop Productions


Acoustic Guitar: Steve Sheehan, Nick Hoffman
Bass: Steve Mackey
Dobro: Randy Kohrs
Drums: Nick Buda
Electric Guitar: Rob McNelley, Jon Conley, Nick Hoffman
Fiddle: Nick Hoffman
B3 Organ/Whirly: Steve King
Mandolin: Nick Hoffman
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jim Bob Gairrett
Percussion: Sean Paddock
Vocals: Wyatt Beard, Nick Hoffman

Recorded by Ben Strano at Blackbird Studios - Nashville, TN
Additional Recording by Nick Hoffman at Alexis Sound - Nashville, TN
Mixed By: Ben Strano at The HAT Factory VI - Nashville, TN
Mastered By: Joe Hardy at Casa De Joe - Houston, TX

Photography: Tim Hiber
Hair/Makeup: Brittany Visin
Art Direction/Design: Dustin Soper for SOGD.com


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